William Percy Weston :: 1879 - 1967

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Period Three :: 1931-1967 :: Part Two

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Howe Sound from Copper Cove
Oil on Panel 19.5" x 17", 1952

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Period One (1909-1923)
Period Two (1924-1930)
Period Three (1931-1967)
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About This Work...

Weston used design to evoke the power of the elements. Colour is another distinctive feature of his painting, with its "cool, palpitating, and luminous" quality.(44) He recognized his colours were too cool at times, and developed various ways of adding warmer tones to his work.

He went over his drawings with a Venetian red colour after he had sketched out the form. In the final canvasses, he would allow red to show through between two areas of paint.

If the look were still too cool for his liking, he would put a Venetian red wash over the whole painting.(45)