William Percy Weston :: 1879 - 1967

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Period Three :: 1931-1967 :: Part Two

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New Denver, B.C.
Oil on Panel 12" x 16", 1945

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Period One (1909-1923)
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Period Three (1931-1967)
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About This Work...

This collection also features an etching, New Denver, although it is not certain if these two works are connected aside from their subject. The artist used numerous drawings as source material for his paintings.(31)

Weston tried to capture the essence of the subject on sketching trips he took during the summer months.(32) He believed "distance ripens and matures the image." (33) He had become so well acquainted with his landscapes that he could paint them by memory in his studio in the winter. Weston "knew by experience and memory" how to express his vision.(34)

"I could remember the effect I wanted instead of sitting in front of a million different things and trying to paint them changing all the time with the atmosphere outside. I could make a drawing of the place, get the forms and design of it, and then paint it with'the effect that I happen to see at that time." (35)

Weston taught in the Japanese internment camps in New Denver for two summers in 1944-45.(36)